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Comprehensive Solutions for Flooring in Frankston

At Gorkha Flooring we offer a selection of floor coverings to suit any space. Our collection includes both contemporary styles known for their elegance. In our store you’ll find a variety of options such, as floor tiles, laminates, timber, vinyl and hybrid flooring solutions. We also have carpets, rugs and mats that can effortlessly transform the look of any room. With our rugs you can add an feature and explore innovative flooring designs. Additionally we offer laminates and carpet tiles that’re suitable for various projects. You’ll find a range of designs and patterns to choose from to complement your home. Take a look, at our collection today to discover quality flooring options.

Timber Flooring in Frankston

Installing timber flooring has advantages as it combines both appeal and practicality. Not does it provide insulation. It also adds a timeless touch, to your home. Additionally timber floors offer the freedom to explore design schemes allowing you to create a distinctive look. At our company we offer a range of timber floor coverings, in grades, styles and finishes to assist our clients in designing impeccable spaces.

Affordably Priced Flooring Solutions

We cater to a range of customers so even if you’re working on a budget to design your home we offer top notch flooring options, at affordable prices. Our flooring products meet the quality standards while remaining reasonably priced. With our experience in the flooring industry we have established a reputation that’s unmatched and our expertise allows us to provide the best solutions. Our offerings combine practicality and functionality making us your one stop destination for all your needs. Additionally we offer installation services to ensure a finish, in your spaces. Whether you already have ideas. Need some inspiration feel free to get in touch with us. Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way.
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