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Flooring Supplies in Dandenong

At Gorkha Flooring you’ll discover a collection of floor coverings that can add a touch of elegance to any environment. We offer a range of flooring options to meet the needs of our customers. Our selection includes carpets, rugs and mats that not enhance the aesthetics but also serve purposes in any room. Additionally we provide flooring solutions such, as floor tiles, laminates, timber, vinyl and hybrid options. We understand that every space is unique and our aim is to help you find the floor covering that suits your style and requirements. Take your time exploring our range of choices and elevate the look of your space with sophistication.

Timber Flooring in Dandenong

If you’re searching for a way to bring personality to your room take a look, at our selection of timber flooring options. Timber provides an appearance. Is an excellent choice for living spaces, conservatories, hallways and staircases. Additionally its insulation properties make it a valuable option, for all kinds of properties. Whether you prefer an traditional setting our timber flooring allows you to create a one of a kind design scheme.

Hybrid Flooring in Dandenong

Hybrid flooring is an option, for both homes and offices as it combines the advantages of vinyl and laminate. Don’t overlook the choices we offer in flooring. This type of flooring is not an investment but also adds a touch of elegance that lasts for years. It works well in areas like living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms making it a fantastic choice, for any home.
Affordable Flooring Options in Dandenong
Our platform provides access, to a selection of flooring choices in Dandenong. The flooring we offer adheres to the standards set by Australia giving you the opportunity to find what you’re searching for. Despite having a range we take pride in offering top quality flooring at prices that may pleasantly surprise you.
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Our team is known for their welcoming nature. They are more, than happy to provide you with advice to assist you in making the optimal flooring decision. You can trust us to address any inquiries or concerns you may have regarding your flooring needs. Additionally we excel in delivering top notch installation services that will give your project a touch. Feel free to schedule an appointment, with us so we can discuss the requirements of your project.


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